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Производство Автозаправочных станций

PNSK Manufacturing (PO PNSK) was established in St. Petersburg in 1992. The company manufactures standard automobile gas stations, small-capacity gas stations, reservoirs for light oil products, and accompanying service equipment. In 2005, the manufacturing facilities were augmented (and the manufacturing areas were expanded to 17,300 sq. m), which allowed for manufacturing of up to 18 gas stations annually. In 2006, we are planning to manufacture 200 equipment sets for automobile gas stations.

   PO PNSK also offers a broad range of services in shipping (by railroad or trucks), installation, and guarantee servicing of gas stations.

   The quality management system used at PO PNSK for design, manufacture, installation, and servicing gas stations complies with the requirements of the GOST R ISO 9001 standard.

   PO PNSK has all the necessary licenses and certificates, is a laureate of the National Recognition award, nominee of the French Business Club award, winner of the grand prix of the Russian-Swiss Business Club, Expert Prize in the Partnership Agreement and Product and Service Quality nominations, winner of the National Recognition prize in the nomination "Contribution to the High Reputation of National Entrepreneurship," and other awards.

   The company has won the leading position on the market of gas station equipment, due to its broad and continuously updated product range, high-quality of products, and rapid development pace.

   PO PNSK manufactures a number of automobile gas stations, each of which has its own special design. Our standard gas stations are practical, original, multifunctional, and are capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding customer.

   PO PNSK gas stations are prefabricated and completely ready for use. They are equipped with the necessary engineering and service systems, which allows for them to be assembled in 1—3 days.

   The types of PO PNSK tanks and reservoirs allow for equipping traditional and modular gas stations. The tanks come with all the required service equipment and are completely ready for use.

In 2004, PO PNSK designed oil collectors with a multi-stage waste-water filtering system that disposes the water to the city waste collectors or sewage farms.

   The company annually expands the range of auxiliary equipment for gas stations that we offer to our partners: information displays, gas pump areas, entry and exit signs, flag masts, and lighting masts.

   In order to maintain its leading position on the market, PO PNSK explores new areas of activity, such as the manufacture of car washes and car shops, prefab banking buildings and public catering facilitites.

  PO PNSK was the first manufacturer in Russia that offered turnkey installations of its own equipment. Many partners of the company have already understood the benefits of working without subcontractors.

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